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The Cultuvate Crate: Raised Beds on a Mission

Each Crate Sold Fuels Farming Projects in Food Deserts

Photo credit: Dom Atibil

Photo credit: Dom Atibil


about us

The Cultuvate Crate: A Mini Urban Farm in a Box is a part of a social project to end food deserts. We believe the food we choose to put on our plate needs to say I am full, I am healthy, and I am making the world a better place. This is why with every Crate we sell, we donate a crate to the community projects ending food deserts.

The Crate itself also happens to be awesome. It is made out of shipping pallet lumber from Southern Indiana Oak. When you purchase a Crate we can stock it for you with everything you need to start a 2x2, 4x2, or 4x4 raised bed mini farm inside of your crate. Plus, we have the strategies to allow the busiest people grow a thriving garden. We are your source and fuel for yard to table foods. Get your Crate today. 

This project is founded on a simple idea; sustainability starts with the food on your plate. The Crate is designed to eliminate food waste and to increase the supply of carbon sequestering soil. Our world is such an amazing place that when we put food waste and soil in the right place, it grows the best food! That is why the Crate is designed to eliminate food waste and to increase the supply of carbon sequestering soil.

We feel that everyone should have the access to making sustainable food choices. To us it is flat out wrong that food deserts cut off communities to this choice. That is why our Crate makes a difference, you can have the freshest food in your yard and now, you to, can make it possible for others. This is the time  to reconnect to food and put a sustainable choice on your plate. 



Our Services


THe Crate

Our Crate is handmade in the Crossroads State of Indiana. When you purchase a Crate everything you receive from the cardboard box to wrapping paper will be useable and beneficial to your mini urban farm. The Crate itself is made out of  pallet wood sustainably sourced from a local pallet companies. Each Crate also comes with a worm tube to support a self sufficient vermicomposting (worm composting) nutrient delivery system, just add veggie scraps! Assembly will be as easy as an Ikea table, or maybe easier!

The ingredients

We are making plant growing a snap. We offer seed and transplant packages and recommendations based on 4 things: your favorite foods, hardiness zone, experience,  and time.  Once you receive your crate we have guides and weekly updates compiled by master gardeners to make your garden experience as easy as possible.

The Utensils

We can stuff your crate with everything you need. From soil to hand tools all the way to season extenders and drip irrigation. And don't forget soil's best friend, WORMS!


Custom Design

Do you want a special Crate? We can do that! We can work with you on any design you dream up. We can also help you plan out your yard!


Subscription service

Want the full Urban farm experience? We offer a subscription service of plants (seeds or transplants) that comes straight to your door depending on the growing season. That means cover crops in the winter, cold tolerant plants in the spring, fruits in the summer and frost tolerant plants in the fall. In the Indianapolis area, we also have turn key solutions and full service solutions!

Urban Farm or Garden Training

We are building the platform that makes running your Mini Farm as easy as having it. But if you are eager to learn more we will be doing frequent online classes with respected garden and farming experts to get even more tips and tricks.

Community Gardens

We love our community gardens and gardeners. We can help you organize your community and your community's garden to make your effort thrive! After all, the Crates we give go to community projects where they are needed most! 

Sustainability starts with the food on your plate. Everyone should have access to the choice that says I am healthy, I am full, and I am making the world a better place.
— Pete Stuart, Chief Cultuvator




We would love to help you with your personal or community garden. Please contact us today.